Europe’s oldest, most trusted metal care brand

A brand tried & tested by customers all over the world.


At the heart of the business is a range of excellent rust removal and rust converter products. Our products are trusted by customers all over the world. Any marketplace or site that sells Jenolite is genuinely inundated with positive testimonials and recommendations.

At Jenolite, we believe that good old-fashioned word-of-mouth is the highest possible praise for our rust removal products.   


Formed in 1939, the team at Jenolite have perfected a premium range of products, relevant to many different industries and projects.

No matter what size project you are working on, when it comes to rust, we know what we’re doing.

What is Jenolite?

Depending on which product you use, it either converts, removes or, prevents corrosion. Over the years, Jenolite has refined its collection by utilising some of the most sophisticated rust removing and converting technologies available – saving you both time and elbow grease.


Jenolite gets rid of rust from most objects, but we specialise in automotive, agricultural, marine and industrial sectors.

We offer a wide variety of products which can be utilised across the sectors, whether it be to restore, protect or finish.

The product and ranges flexibility means it can be used for an array of projects from big to small, and it is this that makes Jenolite a popular choice.

Trade Sales

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