Planes, Trains
& Automobiles…

Jenolite gets rid of rust from most objects, but we do have specialist applications


Cars & Vehicles

The auto industry has always been a large and important market for Jenolite. Vehicle rust is a real problem and can spread like a rash, which is why targeted treatments for cars, caravans and motorbikes are essential. Our products are legendary for their success rates … from the quick spruce up of a car in the suburbs to repairing an inner-city hotel’s entire fleet of luxury vehicles.


Agriculture is a tough environment. Farm vehicles and equipment are exposed to the elements all year round – meaning the need for rust and corrosion remedies is high. Jenolite has been used in agricultural applications since the 1950s.


Water causes havoc when it comes to rust, particularly when metal objects spend a lot of time submerged in salty water. Fortunately, Jenolite’s track record within the marine industry is second to none. From large shipyard and tanker projects, harbours and piers, through to privately owned boats, Jenolite has been used for many decades to solve the severe rust and corrosion problems this industry faces.


Jenolite is used widely in the industrial sector, to protect equipment and machinery. It plays a vital role in prolonging the life of factory buildings, commercial premises, schools and manufacturing sites – amongst others. It’s particularly valuable in buildings sited in areas where humidity levels are high and therefore more prone to rust development.