Farms, fields and every rural paradise in between, Jenolite specialises in everything agricultural.

Agriculture is a tough environment. Farm vehicles and equipment are exposed to the elements all year round – meaning the need for rust and corrosion remedies is high. Jenolite has been used to protect the durability of agricultural machines and tools since the 1950s.

Whipsnade Zoo – Case Study

We don’t have to tell you what a disaster it would be if a zoo’s inhabitants escaped. Thanks to Jenolite, the Bedfordshire zoo’s nine-mile iron fence perimeter was renewed to its former rust-free glory. Around eight people worked on the project for two years because restoring ironwork is a difficult subject for processing, unless it can be dip-treated. In this case, of course, there was no way the fencing could be removed throughout the project.

In addition to fencing, Jenolite is used for the rust treatment of agricultural vehicles, outbuildings, tools and equipment.

Jenolite, with its preventative qualities, is the perfect solution for farmers looking to keep their equipment looking as good as new, despite the wet weather that’s prevalent in the U.K.

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