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Jenolite is used widely in the industrial sector, to protect equipment and machinery. It also plays a vital role in prolonging the life of factory buildings, commercial premises, schools and manufacturing sites – amongst others. It’s particularly valuable in buildings sited in areas where humidity levels are high and therefore more prone to rust development.

Equally, companies that manufacture metal component products often treat them with Jenolite, which adds value and longevity to the product and minimises the risk of product returns.

The 1950’s saw Jenolite’s reputation in this arena grow rapidly with factory painting companies recommending Jenolite products for many projects.

More than five decades later, Jenolite continues to be recognised as one of the best rust and corrosion treatments available on the market. The key benefit to industry is our product’s flexibility, as it can be used on small parts through to large equipment and even entire buildings. Browse our industrial rust remover and industrial rust converter products below.

Birmingham museum of science & industry – Case Study

Apart from the exhibits that made this museum a centre of engineering and scientific excellence, the building itself is also noteworthy. An old electroplating factory, dating back to the 1800s, it’s been altered, renovated, redesigned and painted – using, of course, a good range of Jenolite rust-removal products.

Back in the 1950s:  Jenolite Rust Remover and Neutraliser played a vital part in getting the exhibits into a fit state for them to be presented to the public. What’s more, the work was carried out speedily and with unskilled labour – saving the museum a fortune.

The General Assistant, Mr R. K. Dunham said it had been used with great success on engine turning lathes, firearms and in many cases where the removal of corrosion posed a “fine art” problem, rather than an industrial one. Many of the objects on display were hundreds of years old.

None of these examples are intended as a history lesson or a nostalgic journey – but are included here to illustrate the traditional focus on Jenolite and how a classic company has made an impact, in so many areas, since it was established in the 1930s.

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