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Which product do I need?

For the best results we would always recommend our original rust remover. Getting rid of rust back to bare metal is the best conclusion, leaving any on the surface however treated, will eventually mean that it will grow back and multiply across any metal surface. Depending upon the type of application might mean that you choose our original liquid which is water thin and great for immersing, spraying or quick brushing across flat surfaces. Alternatively vertical or hanging surfaces, or areas that require spot repair may be better suited to either our thick liquid or our jelly rust removers. These are also more highly concentrated versions of the liquid and are better suited to more highly rusted parts.

The alternative to a rust remover would be our rust converter. Rust converter is good for a quick fix, where the minimum of work is required or for use in areas that our rust remover is not easily applied and stripping surfaces back to bare metal is not possible. Rust converter contains an inhibitor which will try to prevent the layer of converted rust from getting any worse, and once applied and dried can be simply left or primed and painted over. However, as the rust is not completely removed, it is likely that this process will need to be repeated every 12-36 months depending on surrounding climate, as the rust will at some point grow back through.