Automotive Paints

Paint your car with Jenolite’s automotive paints. Our specialist car paints include alloy paints, brake caliper paints, chrome paint, tire shine, and bumper and trim.

Showing all 5 results

Showing all 5 results

Jenolite’s automotive paint is specially formulated metallic paint that has been designed for both exterior and interior use. It creates an attractive finish that is hard wearing and resistant to corrosion.


Check out our range of brake caliper paint and alloy paint so you can fully customise your car right down to the details. The brake caliper paint has been specially designed to handle the high temperatures associated with braking, and also helps protect against corrosion, salt, petrol and brake dust.


The Back to Black spray can restore your car’s bumper and time back to the black it came out of the shop in. It is highly resistant to water and dirt, and helps your car stay looking great for longer. The back to black spray is very simple to use, just spray it onto your car from a 20cm distance, and allow time to dry.

The Chrome Spray Paint is great for use on glass, metal and hard plastics, making it the perfect car paint. Just apply it directly to a cool surface after removing any traces of oil or grease, and you’ll be left with a brilliant new finish in no time.