Underbody Protection

Protect your vehicle’s underbody with Jenolite’s specialist products. Browse our car underbody protection & coating range including anti-stone chip, bitumen undercoat, galvanizing and rust protection aerosols.

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Showing all 3 results

Your cars’ underbody is an important part of the vehicle. Providing underbody protection can help maintain the condition of your automotive and how it operates. Using an Anti-Stone Chip Aerosol provides protection against stones, salt, damp, and rust, reducing damage to the metal without cracking or peeling. The non-drip formula is perfect for sills, spoilers, and lower body panels.

Our Waxoil aerosol not only kills rust but prevents new rust from forming as it provides a clear barrier that is not only weatherproof but it doesn’t dry out or wash off in the rain. 

Another spray-on barrier ideal for your car underbody is Bitumen Undercoat Anti-Corrosion Spray Paint.  Pulling away moisture, this thick, waxy coating protects your car from road salt, water, ice, and snow that can damage the metal surface,.

For superior protection for welds and cut ends, Bright Zinc Galvanising Aerosol is an effective way to provide high resistance to rust and corrosion. The quick-drying formula protects galvanised structures and restores them. Choose your perfect solution from our selection of car underbody protection below.