Rust Converter Liquid

Jenolite Rust Converter Liquid is an easy solution for rusty items or components. Our rust convertor reacts with rust to create a stable compound that can be painted over.

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Showing the single result

Rust converter can be applied to any metal surface, protecting areas for a long-term solution. Our fast acting formula means you can convert rust into a stable compound in as little as 15 minutes. Apply liberally using a brush and see your surface become ready to paint after 3 hours. Using rust converter liquid can be a simple and effective one day job. 

Our liquid rust converter, which removes the need for priming, converts rust into a stable hydrophobic surface that can be directly painted over. It protects against corrosion caused by water and harsh weather conditions. Simply leave the solution to dry after one application. Over-spray should be wiped away, as it can cause discoloraiton. Rust converter liquid also provides resistance to corrosion.

If you’re unsure whether rust converter or rust remover is the most suitable option, have a read of our handy rust converter vs rust remover blog post.