Rust Remover Kits

Jenolite rust remover kits include everything you need to remove rust and repair damage. Our kits include rust remover liquid, wire brush, and either anti-rust primer or rust shield aerosol to keep rust away.

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Showing all 2 results

Our kits are a great way to ensure you have all you need to remove rust. The rust remover liquid is the first step to removing rust. Use the solution to fully submerge items or apply it using your wire brush included in the kit. Suitable for most metals such as steel, iron, and aluminium to strip them bare, forming a reliable surface for priming and painting (take a look at all of our anti-rust paints and coatings).

Use the wire brush for applying and working the solution into the rust every 5 minutes to keep the formula active. The anti-rust primer offers superior coverage and protection against rust, and is also resistant to corrosion caused by harsh chemicals, weather and salt.

Jenolite’s Rust Shield Aerosol provides a barrier against further rust and corrosion. The clear and flexible coating gives a glossy finish resistant to cracking and is suitable for interior and exterior use. Purchase the bundle knowing you’ll get all the necessary equipment to tackle that rust.

Please note that there are two different rust remover kits available: one includes rust remover, brush, and primer. The other includes rust remover, brush, and rust shield.