Rust Remover Spray

Jenolite’s Rust Remover spray is designed for easy and even application. The liquid spray removes rust through a chemical reaction that strips metals clean.

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Showing the single result

Our rust remover sprays are great for applying our high-quality solution without the need for using a tub for submersion or a brush for application. Like all of our rust removal products, our trigger spray is easy to use and gives complete coverage. Simply spray and allow the liquid to sink deep into the rust, chemically reacting to separate it from the metal. 

You can then use a wire brush or wire brush drill attachment to work the solution into the rust, keeping the product from drying out and staying active. Reapply the spray after 15 to 30 minutes if necessary. Once the rust has been removed wipe the surface dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Check the usage instructions before use.

Our spray is perfect for use on almost all metals and common applications include railings, cars, and garden tools, covering areas in seconds. Browse all of our rust remover sprays here.