Surface Cleaners & Protection

Our surface cleaners and protection range includes polishes, coatings and other metal care products to keep rust and other problems at bay.

Showing all 18 results

Showing all 18 results

Cleaning metal effectively is important to keep your items such as tools, garden furniture, kitchenware, and even your cars in shape. Using Jenolite’s surface cleaners range to take off excess dirt, grease, and water can help protect your metal from rusting, as it takes away moisture that can oxidise with the iron. Remove paint, glue, and tar with our liquid sprays and aerosols. 

Our metal polishers and restorers are suitable for use on most metals, to produce shiny and refreshed-looking surfaces. Great for maintaining and looking after your metal, brass, and galvanized products.

Jenolite also manufactures a range of protective coatings to provide a barrier between harsh chemicals and corrosion, and your metal surfaces. Taking care of your metals with lubricants, sealants and lacquers keeps damage to a minimum causing your items to last longer and look better. Take a look at our full range of surface cleaners and protection products for metal restoration.