Directorust Multi Surface Satin Paint – Cobalt Blue – 1 Litre


  • All-in-one paint specially formulated to act as Primer, Undercoat and Topcoat
  • Apply directly to wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and rusted surfaces
  • Can be applied directly to rust, making it ideal for restoring metal, indoors and outside
  • Corrosion resistant, actively fights against rust for long lasting protection
  • Leaves an attractive satin effect finish

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Jenolite Directorust Multi Surface Paint is an all-in-one primer, undercoat and topcoat in one a single application. It can be applied directly to wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and rusted surfaces. Leaves a smooth, high quality satin finish, with fantastic resistance to rust & corrosion.

Available in a variety of colours and finish.

How To Use

Remove all traces of oil or grease. Remove old paint and loose rust with steel wool or wire brush.

1. Apply directly to a cool surface

Stir well before use, so that a smooth, uniform mix is obtained. Brush on in smooth strokes. Coat the surface with a maximum of 2 even layers, allowing 20 minutes to dry between layers.

2. Allow to dry

Allow at least 4 hours before use, full cure/hardness is obtained after 12 hours.

3. Storage & Reuse

Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool well-ventilated place. Consult the safety data sheet before use.

Coverage – 10sqm Per Litre