Jade Oil – 500ml


  • Displaces moisture and humidity
  • Leaves a protective film on metal surface
  • Helps to reduce tarnishing of treated metal
  • Perfect for use before waxing, oiling or painting
  • Quick and simple to use

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Jenolite Jade Oil is a specially designed formula that provides a protective oil coating on the surface of treated metal. It displaces any moisture or humidity from metal surfaces and leaves a thin protective film that reduces tarnishing. Perfect for use before waxing, oiling or painting, Jade Oil is the perfect protective oil for metal.

How To Use

Remove all traces of oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants.

  1. Apply directly to a cool surface

    Shake well before use. Using a clean-soft cloth or brush, apply liberally to the surface. It is possible to spray larger areas where needed, using a suitable spray applicator.

  2. Leave to dry

    Allow a full 24 hours to dry before handling. One coat of Jade Oil is usually sufficient for most applications, however extra coats can be applied using the same process where required.

  3. Storage & Reuse

    Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool well-ventilated place. Consult the safety data sheet before use.

Coverage – 20m2 Per Litre