Non Hazardous – Environmentally Friendly


  • A non-hazardous, water-based rust remover that works in minutes without scrubbing or sanding, restoring rusted tools, vehicle parts and cookware to like-new condition
  • Tackles rust removal jobs more quickly and safely than alternative chemicals as it does not require the use of any protective equipment, gloves or eyewear, due to its non-hazardous formula
  • Ideal for use on softer metals such as chrome, copper, brass and aluminium, unlike many harsh alternatives, and works in just 30 minutes
  • Simply pour the required amount into a plastic container and immerse small items, or for large items, cover the surface with strong paper towels soaked in Jenolite and place plastic sheeting on top
  • Reusable, non-toxic and biodegradable formula means you can remove rust from your metal items time after time, whilst being kinder to the environment



If you need rust removed from almost any metal object then Jenolite Non-hazardous Rust Remover is for you. A super safe, non-toxic rust removal solution that quickly removes rust from a variety of metals without the need protective equipment. Restores rusted tools, vehicle parts and cookware to like-new condition and is ideal for use on softer metals, unlike harsh alternatives. Its reusable and biodegradable formula means you can be friendly to the environment whilst removing rust from your metal items, time after time! Jenolite — the professional choice since 1939.


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