Pipe Repair Bandage | Emergency Pipe Repair


Available sizes: 10m x 12.5cm / 3.5m x 5cm
  • Ideal for emergency plumbing repairs to damaged & leaking pipes
  • Simple & easy to apply where needed – flexible & self-welding tape
  • Strong adhesive properties – will cling to nearly all surfaces (stainless steel, aluminium, copper, PVC, plastics, fibreglass, concrete, ceramics & rubber)
  • Compressive strength up to150 bar & temperature resistant to150°C
  • Once cured can be sanded and painted over


Jenolite Pipe Repair Bandage is designed for emergency plumbing repairs of damaged and leaking pipes. The flexible, self-welding repair tape is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and is ideal for quick emergency repairs of pipes indoors and outdoors. Simple to apply, it is activated by water and can be wrapped where needed, quickly and easily. Its strong adhesive properties will cling to nearly all surfaces and can be used on stainless steel, aluminium, copper, PVC, many plastics, fibreglass, concrete, ceramics and rubber. Once fully cured it has a compressive strength of up to 150 bar and is heat resistant up to 150°C. After curing, the tape can be sanded and painted over.

Available in a range of sizes.

How To Use

Remove all traces of oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants.


    Rough up the surface to be bonded. To cover cracks/holes, cut a section of the pipe repair bandage to the correct size and completely soak it in water. Apply the bandage to the surface and smooth it down, soaking the entire area with water.


    Fill the pouch completely with water and allow the remaining pipe bandage to soak up the water until saturated. Once saturated, wrap the bandage tightly around the pipe (keep applying water as necessary). Smooth the surface using your hands to ensure a close bond is achieved.

    Consult safety data sheet for additional information.

Safety Data