Rust Converter Brushable


    • Easy to apply, no need to rinse off or wipe — just leave Rust Converter to dry and the once rusted area is ready to paint
    • Fast acting — just one application chemically reacts with rust to convert it to a stable compound within 15 minutes
    • Allow to dry for 3 hours then the rust-free metal is ready to repaint with either water-based or oil-based paint
    • Resists water vapour, oxygen, carbon dioxide and bacterial growth protecting treated areas for the long term
    • Coverage is 6 to 8 square meters per litre, offering great value
    • The market-leading Jenolite brand has become a household name since our range of tried and tested products were launched way back in 1939



Jenolite No Primer Rust Converter removes rust, provides a seal to prevent its return and allows surfaces to be painted over without the need for a primer. No need to wipe clean, simply leave to dry and after just one application your metal will be suitable for over coating with most traditional paints. Other properties include good chemical and salt spray resistance. Provides a barrier to water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Our tried and tested formula also provides strong resistance to bacterial growth. Jenolite Rust Converter does two jobs in one — it gets rid of the rust and converts the once rusted area into a stable surface, ready to paint, leaving the metal looking as good as new! Jenolite Rust Converter — the professional choice since 1939.


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