Rust Remover Liquid – 5 Litre


  • 5kg original liquid formula, quickly removes rust back to bare metal
  • Chemically reacts with the rust, making it easy to remove
  • Super effective and easy to use — Jenolite Liquid can be used to remove the light oxide films that are created after shot blasting or grit blasting
  • Ideal for immersing small parts
  • Easy to apply, no need to rinse off — just wipe away and you’re ready to prime in 30 minutes
  • Provides superb, visible results
  • Forms a dependable surface for priming and painting
  • Leaves surfaces ready to paint over within 1 hour
  • Jenolite is Europe’s oldest and best-established rust removal and converter firm and has perfected its products over decades
  • Approximate coverage: 40 square metres per bottle

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Jenolite Original Liquid Rust Remover is a free-flowing liquid that can be applied by spray, brush or immersion. The liquid formula chemically reacts with the rust, making it easy to remove. Excellent for treating boat and yacht keels, caravan sub frames and garden gates – particularly wrought iron sections.

The 5 litre bottle works well for tight recessed areas, box sections and tubular components. This is an orthophosphoric solution is super easy to use. Your work will be ready to prime in just 30 minutes.

How To Use

Remove all traces of oil or grease. Remove old paint and loose rust with steel wool or wire brush.

  1. Apply directly to rust

    Pour the required amount into a plastic container. Brush liberally, directly onto rusty areas only. Keep Jenolite active by working in with a brush every 5 minutes and adding more if required. Do not allow the surface to dry out or become tacky. Vertical surfaces may require the most attention. Continue this process until all visible rust has turned dark grey in colour, at which point, wipe the surface dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. To ensure all rust has been successfully removed, brush away the dark grey residue with a wire brush/steel wool (if rust is still present thereafter, repeat the process as above until all rust has been removed).

  2. For Immersion

    Small components can be immersed in a plastic container. Leave until the rust has been removed,
    drain excess liquid for one minute. Wipe dry immediately with a clean lint-free cloth.

  3. Ready to prime in 30 minutes

    After wiping dry, wait for 30 minutes, then apply Jenolite Primer or topcoat. For best results, prime same day. Always check product compatibility. If in doubt test a small area first.

Do not return excess Jenolite Rust Remover to the container. Wash brushes and equipment in clean water immediately after use. Splashes onto surrounding paintwork and skin may cause staining – wash off immediately with water.


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