Grease your car up with Jenolite’s automotive lubricant products. Our specialist car lubricants include silicone lubricant, white lithium grease, aluminium anti-seize and more.

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Showing all 7 results

Lubricants are vital when it comes to looking after your vehicle. They control friction in the engine, which helps prevent the engine from rusting. They also protect the engine oil stored in the sump from combustion gases, keeping you safe. When applying the lubricant, make sure to remove any old substance that is in there first, because adding in a new lubricant onto an old one can cause equipment failure and lasting damage. 

Applying Jenolite’s Silicone Spray helps dry out electrical connectors and repels water, making it the perfect lubricant to help the parts of your car that are sliding or rubbing against each other. See also our copper anti-seize spray and aluminium anti-seize spray, and white lithium grease to keep components running smoothly.

The Brake Cleaner helps keep your brakes working efficiently and correctly, and is a quick and simple way to remove brake dust and fluid. It is great for disc and drum brakes, brake linings, and brake calipers, helping to remove brake noise and gives your car an all-round smoother braking performance.