Jenolite is Europe’s oldest rust remover brand

With a product range including rust remover, converter and primer, we’ve been delivering results since 1939

The best way to remove rust is to strip the surface back to bare metal otherwise remaining rust will grow back at some point. The only way to do this is to use a rust remover which will attack the rust via a chemical reaction, making it easier to remove. However, for places that are harder to get to, a rust converter can be used which will ‘convert’ the top layer of rust. For a more detailed explanation of the difference, visit our FAQ page.

Jenolite rust remover range

Rust remover range

  • Wipes out rust...forever
  • Easy to use and works quickly!
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Rust converter range

Rust converter range

  • Converts rust quickly
  • Easy application, just wipe off!
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Jenolite Rust Primer Range

Paints & Coatings range

  • Primer Paints And Protective Coatings
  • For Premium Protection Against Rust
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Non hazardous rust remover

Non-hazardous rust remover

  • Suitable for use on all metals, including Chrome, Brass, Copper and Aluminium
  • Safe on skin and eyes
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Metal repair, Cleaners & Lubricants

  • Coming soon!
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Jenolite Automatic Rust Remover Range

Automotive products

  • Protects bodywork against damage
  • Suitable for all vehicles
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The longevity of the brand speaks for itself

It's so effective at removing rust
we restore even the largest buildings

The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and SS Britannia to name but a few

Best sellers since 1939

The original rust remover and converter

Two different types of rust treatment that will refurbish and protect any iron or steel object

In short, it sorts rust

Rust remover gets rid of rust back to bare metal. Rust converter inhibits the growth of rust.

Committed to development

We are committed to developing our product range; taking advantage of advancements in corrosion technology to continually develop our products.

Heritage and tradition

Jenolite, founded in 1939, has been used on historic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Chatsworth House, SS Great Britain, Bluebird and Battersea Power Station.

Tested and trusted

Used by 5 generations of repair professionals across automotive, marine and industrial sectors.

We care, because you care

Jenolite produces top quality results for customers that want the best looking result.

Variety of products

Our range covers all kinds of eventualities for treating rust, in different environments and end use.