Epoxy Repair Putty

Browse Jenolite’s epoxy repair putty sticks. We offer specialist epoxy resin repair putty for wood, plastic, concrete, and metals including copper, titanium, aluminium, and steel.

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Showing all 2 results

Epoxy putty sticks are the perfect choice for performing many small repairs yourself, saving time and money. The capabilities list of epoxy repair putty is extensive, and it can be used for a wide variety of different needs, including underwater, on metal and on wood.

Our copper epoxy putty is ideal for emergency plumbing situations, such as repairing copper pipes. The wood epoxy putty forms a compound that cures to the same density as wood, with a pale, unfinished wood appearance.

The underwater epoxy putty stick can be applied underwater in both fresh and saltwater, and bonds with materials including fibreglass, concrete and metal. It is fully functional in 60 minutes, and is the ideal choice for fixing and sealing holes, cracks and leaks in boat decks, hulls, pools, hot tubs, spas, recreational equipment, as well as leaking tanks and gutters. Also, once cured, it is fully waterproof and can be sanded and painted over.

The steel epoxy putty stick has been developed with an industrial strength compound, allowing it to withstand temperatures of up to 149°C. It can be easily moulded to fit and repair all metals. See also our aluminium epoxy putty.

The plastic epoxy putty stick is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and is fully functional in just 2-3 hours. It is fully resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes, and can be easily moulded to fit and repair pipes, tanks and most plastic products.