Rust Remover Gel

Jenolite Rust Remover Gel is perfect for removing rust from vertical surfaces, thanks to its non-drop formula. This special jelly rust treatment reacts with the rust to strip any metal bare, and ready for repainting.

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Showing the single result

The rust remover gel is a thicker solution compared to our other products, making it excellent at targeting surfaces without it spreading onto other unaffected areas. Suitable for use on almost all metals, the gel is perfect for cars and bikes, garden gates, metal piping, and railings as it clings to the metal, reacting to produce a clean finish ready for priming and painting.

Simply apply the rust removing gel and keep active every 5 minutes using a brush to ensure rust is removed easily and effectively. Rust remover gel is ideal for treating small areas of rust such as on cars, bikes, household appliances, tools, and gardening equipment.

Our rust remover gel comes in a range of packages depending on the size of the job. Apply using a brush, or immerse objects to see the jelly chemically react with the rust before wiping dry and applying a Jenolite anti-rust primer or topcoat after just 30 minutes. Take a look at all of our rust-removing gels here.