Rust Remover Original Liquid

Jenolite Rust Remover liquid gets the job done properly. This liquid rust remover is ideal for fully submerging rusty items or components. Can also be applied to objects with a wire brush.

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Showing all 2 results

Rust remover liquid removes rust effectively, stripping items back to bare metal. Use the liquid for immersion of objects such as nuts, bolts and other small components, or apply it directly to the metal. For immersion, fill a plastic tub with the free-flowing rust remover liquid and let the solution chemically react – you can see this happening when the rust turns a dark grey colour. This causes the rust to separate away from metal, making it easy to use.

The thick liquid rust remover is great for treating cars, boat and yacht keels, and garden gates as the non-drip formula doesn’t spread to surrounding areas. Apply using a brush and work the solution in every 5 minutes to keep it active. Thick liquid also works well for tight recessed areas and tubular components, ready to apply your anti-rust primer, should you wish, in just 30 minutes.

Our liquid rust treatment products offer an easy efficient way to remove rust as your metal will be ready to be painted over within the hour. Take a look at our range of anti-rust paints and coatings, which also provide a protective barrier against rust and corrosion.