Bike Chain BIO Degreaser Aerosol | Water Soluble | Biodegradable Bike Degreaser Spray | Deep Clean Bike Chain & Other Greasy Bicycle Parts


  • QUICK & POWERFUL BIO-DEGREASER: Powerful degreaser gets to work fast, removing grease, grime and bike lube residue with ease
  • DEEP CLEAN: Cuts through grease and grime, providing a deep clean, removing stubborn drivetrain contaminants and residue
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply spray on and leave to penetrate. Particularly stubborn grime may need agitating with a brush
  • SAFE ON COMPONENTS: Safe for use on chains, cassettes, gears, mechs and individual components
  • EASY RINSE: Water based formula means it is simple to rinse off
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Biodegradable formulation kinder to the environment and your bike


Jenolite Bike Chain BIO De-greaser is a powerful and effective degreaser that quickly eliminates the build-up of oil, grease & grime on bike chains, metal, plastic, rubber and seals. It’s advanced formula gets to work fast, helping to ensure the chain and gears run smoothly.  The biodegradable formula means that after cleaning it can be quickly removed by water leaving the area completely clean.

How To Use

  1. Place a drip tray underneath the work area

    Apply liberally onto the surface and allow contaminated liquid to drain into the tray. Agitation with a brush will assist in the removal of heavy or stubborn contamination. Continue applying until all contamination has been removed, and wipe away excess with a soft cloth.

  2. Storage & Reuse

    Always dispose of contaminated materials in a sealable bin to fire risk, and always work under well ventilated conditions, taking care to avoid vapour inhalation. Upon completion of use, invert can and depress actuator to prevent nozzle blockage.

    Consult date sheet for additional information

Safety Data