Stop Leak Sealer Spray – Black – 400ml – Waterproof sealant – Fills, Seals & Stops Leaks


  • Dries black to create a waterproof seal
  • Completely waterproof and corrosion resistant surface
  • Suitable for the quick repair of guttering, pipework, drains, windows, roofs and other leaking areas
  • Remains flexible & pliable for years after use
  • Can be painted once cured

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Jenolite Stop Leak Sealer Spray has been specifically developed to fill & seal joints in leaking guttering, pipework, drains, windows, roofs and other leaking areas. Stop Leak Sealer’s gap-filling and waterproof properties make it the perfect sealant spray for leaking joints that have become loose due to weather and corrosion. The spray creates a completely waterproof and corrosion-resistant surface, that remains flexible and pliable for years, and can be painted once cured. Simple to apply, it instantly creates a long-lasting water-resistant layer that prevents water ingress.

This highly flexible and hardwearing waterproof sealant is ideal for repairing a wide variety of roofing, guttering, and window leak issues. Common applications include garages, sheds, extensions, porches, bay windows, downpipes and guttering, soffit and facias, wastepipes caravans, and motorhomes. Stop Leak sealer spray is effective on materials including felt, GRP, bitumen, metal, concrete, brick, asphalt, fiberglass, tiles, and plastic. The easy to use spray makes application straightforward, even on difficult-to-reach areas, offering a simple yet effective solution to leaks.

How To Use

  1. Prepare the surface:

Remove all loose dirt and debris from the area to be coated. If required, clean the area and thoroughly dry the area. Remove any previous surface coatings with a wire brush and / or abrasive paper.

  1. Shake vigorously before use:

Shake can vigorously before use.  Apply from approximately 15-20cm in light coats. Do not flood.  Apply lighter coasts to avoid runs.  Apply 2-3 light coats, allowing 15 minutes to dry between coats.

  1. Storage and Reuse:

On completion of use, invert the can and depress the actuator for a few seconds to prevent nozzle blockage.

Safety Data

Download Safety Information

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