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How to remove rust from screws, nuts and bolts

Nuts, bolts, and screws can get rusty when exposed to moisture. A bit of cleaning saves the need to find replacement parts, which can sometimes be difficult to source. Follow our tips below for how to get the job done properly. Watch : how to remove rust from bolts and screws How to remove rusted […]

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How to clean brass

Brass is a great looking metal that’s resistant to rust and corrosion. Because of its beautiful appearance and antibacterial properties, brass is popular in the home and can be easily polished. Its hardiness means brass is often used in locations where it will be touched frequently, with hands rubbing over doorknobs, handles, and taps. This […]

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How to protect your car from stone chips

A guide on how to protect your car from scratches using anti stone chip A gravel driveway, a country road, or a rogue pebble on seemingly smooth tarmac. We’ve all experienced a stone chip, but what if this causes damage to your car? This handy guide will help you protect your car’s underbody, inside wheel […]

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How to fill holes in wood with epoxy

Holes can appear in wood for a variety of reasons. Some result from how the wood has naturally grown and others are caused by things like damage or incorrect drilling. Epoxy putty is the perfect tool for filling in holes in wood when you’re looking to repair a structural defect, as it works like a […]

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How to restore black car trim

One thing that is guaranteed to ruin the clean look of a freshly cleaned car is faded plastic trim on the bodywork. These areas that were once a rich and deep black colour when they left the showroom fade away to an old and tired looking grey when exposed to the elements. You can spend […]

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How to clean rusty weights

A good pair of weights can be one of the best investments you can make in yourself, helping maintain both your physical and mental health by working out and keeping active. For most people, storing weights is not something that is given much consideration. But incorrectly storing the weights can lead to them rusting and […]

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How to remove rust from a car

Cars sometimes get neglected, with rust building up over time, caused by the surrounding environment or weather. If this is what’s happened to you, you might find yourself asking exactly how to get rid of rust from your car. This article will answer your questions on removing rust from your car and how to stop […]

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How to remove rust from a radiator

Radiators are one of the things in our homes that are most susceptible to rusting, due to the nature of them being full of water and it being heated to very high temperature. This water leaking out can lead to corrosion of the metal, and therefore the formation of rust. Tackling this rust can seem […]

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How to remove rust from glass

While rust does not naturally develop on glass, it can drip from rusting gutters or metal onto glass, leaving some ugly stains. These can ruin a perfectly good glass window. In this blog post, we will be showing you how to remove rust from glass to get it looking spick and span. We will also […]

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