How to stop a bike rusting

Rust can be quite damaging

Rust is formed when metal is affected by moisture and oxygen. Moisture may be in the form of water on a metal bike surface or it may be moisture which is in the air. Since the conditions which provoke oxidation are so common, the key to stopping a bike from rusting is proper prevention.

For this reason, we recommend rustproofing treatments. As well, you should wipe down your bike whenever it gets wet. Keeping it dry and keeping it in a sheltered space, such as an enclosed garage, will keep water and oxygen from creating rust. Rust is unsightly and may impact the safety of the bike when it’s severe. Basically, if a bike rusts enough, for long enough, it’s going to turn into dust!

Now that we’ve talked about why it’s important to keep a bike dry after it’s used (and to store it away from the elements), let’s discuss some options for rust treatment. Sometimes, rust just pops up, seemingly out of nowhere. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of it before it becomes a bigger problem

How to Treat Rust

There are rust removal solvents out there and machines which grind down rusted areas. However, there is a treatment approach which is more of an inexpensive home remedy. To try this treatment, add light oil to the rusted area. Then, scrub away at the rusted part of the bike with a piece of steel wool.

Afterwards, wipe the rusted area clean with a cloth. Of course, rust will start again if the right conditions are present, so don’t forget about preventative maintenance, such as keeping the bike dry and sheltered when you’re not riding it.

How to Rust-proof a Bike

For this part of the process, we recommend using a commercial rust-proofing product. We’re not promoting anything here, but one example is Waxoyl. It’s a popular choice as it’s easy to apply and provides a powerful barrier against moisture. As well, it gives bikes a nice finish. However, there are plenty of waxes out there which do the same thing. As well,you may repaint your bike with a paint which inhibits rust. You may pay a pro to do the job if you aren’t comfortable with painting it yourself.

Lastly, a pro will have larger and more heavy-duty grinding tools, which may be utilized in order to attack rust in specific areas or all over. There are also acid baths which serve the same purpose.

Rust is both inevitable and treatable. When you prevent it with our tips, you won’t need to do as many treatments.

Posted on 12th May 2019 | Posted in Helpful tips