Rust Converter

Jenolite Rust Converter converts rust to a stable compound, ready for repainting. Our rust converter products are an easy-to-use solution which stops rust from getting worse.

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Showing all 4 results

Rust converter is different from rust remover – rather than stripping the surface back to bare metal it creates a stable surface to be primed and painted over. 

Converting rust may be the best solution for you as it halts the rusting process and can be an easier alternative to tackling rust if it is not too thick. For difficult and stubborn rusted areas, you may be better off using rust remover.

The best rust converter for a fast acting, evenly applied solution is the Rust Converter Spray. Our spray rust converter offers long term protection against weather and corrosion. Use our Rust Converter Liquid for more liberal application.

Read our rust converter vs rust remover article over on our blog section for more information on choosing the right method for you.